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Teltech Solar Solutions

Teltech Solar Solutions are:

    - Designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA
    - Customizable designs for any size or any need
    - Built for rugged, remote off grid locations where reliability is paramount
    - Skid based units are designed to be a transportable Asset
    - Easily deployed and re-deployable in a matter of hours
    - Tested and proven by the communications, oil and gas, and power sectors
    - Can be used for disaster response and recovery
    - Easily and affordably expanded to meet your growing power needs
    - Have remote monitoring options available for all models
    - Cost effective compared to fixed utility power

Please contact Rick Benson (rbenson@teltech.com) for additional Information and design options.

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Teltech Aerial Solutions

Teltech’s TAS-400 high powered, tethered Drone system solves the problems of flight time and data delivery by providing:

  • Unlimited power source for multi day missions
  • Ultra-high-speed data transfer rates for payload and aircraft connectivity
  • Fly up to 400 hours autonomously

  • The main differences between our tethered solution and others is the amount of power, payload and real time telemetry available to the user. The tether gives users the ability to carry large payloads on powerful UAVs and keep them in the air for extended, multi-hour or multi-day missions. Our tethered TAS-400 UAV and its payload of cameras, sensors, telecom equipment, etc., can feed data securely to analytical, situational awareness or communications systems at gigabit/second speeds. The aircraft is flown by wire making it impervious to data theft or command and control hacking.

    Please View TAS-400 Data Sheet to Learn More

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