IoT Locations Everywhere - Indoor and Outdoor IoT Location Intelligence

Leverage accurate, cost-effective, power-efficient, and highly-secure location technology to fuel your company’s digital transformation process.

  • Provides location intelligence for end-to-end supply chain transparency.
  • Saves millions eliminating shrinkage and optimizing logistics.
  • Transforms customer experiences.
  • Small Size, Low Cost, Low Power
  • Delivers significant savings for supply chain, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and any other industry where assets are in motion or widely dispersed.

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Powering Business Innovation

This isn’t GPS. This isn’t Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is C-LoC, Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology.

Polte provides a one-of-its-kind technology delivering visibility indoors, outdoors, and across geographies.

Mobile IoT: Location Without Limits

The Disruptive Competitive Advantage of Mobile IoT

By leveraging existing global 4G & 5G cellular networks and cloud computing, there’s no need to build and maintain separate infrastructure. Polte simply deploys over-the-top of existing Mobile IoT networks, using a single cellular radio and offloading computational complexity from the device to the cloud.

This, in turn, leaves your information more secure than with devices using competing technology that may perform the bulk of calculations on the device itself.

Built with secure chip to cloud architecture, the Polte IoT Cloud enables the smallest size, lowest power and most accurate location possible.
Polte IoT Cloud (PIC)

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